Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Christmas - John Clayton

Here's a nice little album from 1958, Merry Christmas (imaginative title, yes?) performed by John Clayton his Orchestra and Chorus. Who is John Clayton? Can't tell you. A search of Google only finds jazz arranger and band leader John Clayton, who is still very much alive and would have been just a few years old when this record was released. It's unlikely than that he was involved with recording it!

There are a couple of highlights on this album that I'd like to draw your attention to. "I'm Getting Nottin For Xmas", in what must be one of it's earliest recordings(?), the rollicking "Home For The Holidays", "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Sleigh Ride". Why is it that "Sleigh Ride" is always the most interesting variation on every Christmas album?
Otherwise a solid album, with plenty of vintage '50s feel. This appears to feature several vocalists, none of which is credited on the artwork. If you have any info on Clayton, please post a comment.

Please enjoy: Merry Christmas (1958) Link Updated 11/26/12!


  1. Thanks for sharing this one. "Sleigh Bells" is usually the most interesting variation because it's one of the most interesting songs, musically. Lots of great percussion and effects for musicians to have fun with.

  2. This is an LP we used to have when I was young. Through the years it went so scratchy that we had to get rid of it. To this day I never thought I'd be lucky enough to hear it again, but because of you I just did. A thousand thanks to you for this gift. Joe Ledbetter (Canada)

  3. Hi Ryan,

    is it possible to re-upload this album?

    Thank you for your wonderful blog,

  4. When my father purchased a new 1967 Fleetwood Console Stereo , it was one of our first XMas albums , along with Bing , Dennis day and Mario Lanza. Sorry Mario ,I did not care for Mario's XMas album . I found a couple of copies of this in a second hand shop .I still enjoy the rendition of Home For The Holidays on this album.

  5. This album , along with Bing Crosby and Dennis Day are the first albums when my father bought , our first high fi console stereo. Great memories , I found three of them , at a second hand shop .

  6. One of my mom's first Christmas records! Ours has huge chips along the edge, so the first few songs on each side are gone...but amen! I found it online. One odd thing: Some pressings omit "John Clayton" entirely on the cover, and instead are listed as "Fontanna and his orchestra". I was hoping to find a backstory on this but alas I haven't been able to. Anyone know why some versions (including ours) say "John Clayton" and others don't?