Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas on Fun Street - The Fun Street Gang

Just in time for Christmas... a budget Christmas album from 1979 Christmas on Fun Street by The Fun Street Gang (CCR 1942). Before you say, "Hey, this is on Apple Music/Spotify", let me stop you there. This is a different album, featuring different recordings than that album. For starters, this one features two tracks performed by "Silly Squirrels", or "Chipmonks" (sic), neither of which are on the streaming albums.

Not that this album will blow your mind, but it's an amusing enough listen as The Fun Street Gang makes their way through a Christmas time landscape, visiting Santa Claus in a department store, etc.

The solo guitar noodling in "Jolly Ole' St. Nicholas" is one of the album's highlights. There's also some strange inclusions, like an uncredited orchestral renditions of "Dance of the Reed Flutes", and "Silent Night".

Enjoy this odd little entry into the budget Christmas record canon and I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I'm happy to have stopped in, even just once, this year.

Enjoy, Christmas on Fun Street by The Fun Street Gang

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