Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Best-Loved Carols of Christmas - Nelson Eddy

Christmas music blogs are a wonderful thing. There's a handful of really great ones that dig deep each year by taking the time to restore and share some great LPs that were once lost to time. If there's a downside, it's that these great blogs have posted some great stuff I'd planned to share! I'm not going to ask them to stop -- just the opposite. But that's enough whining, it's almost Christmas, so let's get some cheer going. Here's something I hope you'll enjoy, Nelson Eddy Sings The Best-Loved Carols of Christmas.

Unfortunately the Harmony/Columbia LP does not include info on recording date, or the orchestra and singers that accompany Eddy's baritone (though I believe this might be a straight re-issue of Eddy's 1951 Christmas album Songs of Christmas).

I like this album -- it's effect is like that of being at a Christmas party and your jubilant (and co-incidentally, classically trained) Uncle belting out a set of very secular tunes. At a brisk 25 minutes, you won't get tired of Nelson, like you would of your Uncle. The highlights include a thorough reading of "Good King Wencelas", which really paints a picture with the lyrics. I've never paid much attention to what "Wencelas" was all about, but there's something about Nelson's version that makes it all clear. Other standouts include the meditative "O Holy Night" and a jolly take on "Deck The Halls with Boughs of Holly".

Please enjoy: The Best-Loved Carols of Christmas


  1. Thanks for posting this, I had never heard it before. You are not alone - I get "scooped" on my blog all the time. The way I look at it is that it's just that much sweeter when you find something unique to share. Thanks for taking the time to put up a terrific blog. Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. It is a straight reissue of the 1951 album, with Paul Weston conducting. Recorded in July & August of '51. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ryan,

    You may post fewer albums than other Christmas blogs, but you do post historicly very important albums like Nelson Eddy, The Mills Brothers, John Gary & Sammy Kaye. And the quality and clarity of your re-recordings are so refreshing and appreciated.

    You you have an e-mail address?

    Thanks again,

    Hit Parade

  4. Hi Hit Parade - thank you for the kind comments. I do try my best to present clean, clear recordings. Some people might prefer the pops and clicks, but to me, they've gotta go. You can reach me at

  5. I don't know how to thank you for posting this. Nelson Eddy was the greatest male singer I have ever heard. He and Jeanette MacDonald set a standard that that will never be equaled. We have 6 of their 8 movies on DVDs, and when our family sees them for the first time, it's WOW!!!

  6. A search of Billboard Magazine has the first hit of this LP was in Nov 1959, so good guess this release date is Christmas 1959

  7. Link to this is dead now, but that's to be expected.